The Feature Film uses music along with audio from your ceremony and/or toasts to highlight the special moments of your day.  Along the way, it tells your love story and shares images of the two of you spending time together.  It usually runs 12-18 minutes in length.  Our goal is to tell your story together including your wedding day through images and audio that we capture during your interview and special events.  This is a great video to share with your family and friends via social media.

Along with the Feature Film, you also get the full-length version of your ceremony and major events of your reception. 

Feature Film

Feature Film


  • Extended coverage: Arrive earlier or stay later. ($75/hr)
  • Aerial shots: (Starting at $75) 
  • Slideshow: Personal photos to show during the reception. (Starting at $100)
  • Love Story Video: Document your Love Story. (Starting at $450)
  • Same-day Edit: Show your wedding video during your reception. (Starting at $450)
  • Additional Team Member/Camera: More cameras mean more angles. ($250)

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